5 Ways to Spark Joy in the Dead of Winter

My husband and I were out and about driving during this new month of January when he said with a sense of dread, “It’s the dead of winter.” 

As in, the glitz of the holidays is over, it’s cold outside, and the sun barely shines here in Cleveland, Ohio until April.


If you’re like us and struggle to keep joy alive and well this time of year, here are some easy ideas we’re trying to get rid of that sense of dread in the winter months:

1. Hang twinkle lights. Something about little lights on a string is magical. Drape the lights on the fireplace mantel or around the bed headboard to make your space feel happy and cozy.

2. Read an inspirational book.  Pick an interesting person or topic and read. Fill your mind with inspiring content to help beat those negative thoughts. 

3. Meet a friend for coffee. Who do you always have a good conservation with that you leave feeling uplifted? Make it a point to meet up with this person. And a coffee date gets you out of the house when you’ve been cooped up too long.

4. Listen to music. Make a playlist of your favorite songs that you can sing (and even dance) to and have fun!

5. Display some nature indoors. Just the color green alone signals life. Bring the look of fresh nature indoors with either real houseplants or some faux stems to make the indoors feel alive (the shop is filled with some pretty options ready to go for you).

Hope this little list gives you some ideas to make the most of these winter months even in the simplest of ways! What do you like to do to beat the winter blues?

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Went to switch my wreath out on my front door and noticed 5 eggs. Today the mother bird was singing so loud I knew something was up.Today they hatched. We use the front door every day so we have to be very careful.

Christine Finno

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