DIY Caramel Fall Floral Wreath with Celebrated Nest

neutral fall DIY wreath
I am so honored to be joining Stephanie of Celebrated Nest for her Floral Friday! This Caramel Floral Fall Wreath features neutral florals and pampas grass accented with magical luminara branches.
Season: Fall
Skill Level: Beginner
Size:  overall 22" with greenery with some  accents extending further


14" Grapevine Wreath

Wire Cutters (for trimming materials)

High temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks (all materials in this project are attached using hot glue)



Trimmed Materials

3 Pampas Grass Plumes (20")

6 Caramel Magnolias (3-4" bloom)

1 Ivory Rose (5" bloom)

1 White Roses (4" bloom)

12 Luminara Branches (12-18")

8 Eucalyptus Branches (range from 9" single stem to 15" branch)





1. Give the Pampas Grass Branches a little bend and attach to the Grapevine Wreath Base on the left side, cascading downwards.

2. Begin with one White Cabbage Rose by attaching it at the top of the wreath where the Pampas Grass Branches start. Then add two Caramel Magnolias nestled in the White Cabbage Rose on the right side. Attach the Ivory Rose and a second White Cabbage Rose to the right of the Caramel Magnolias. Finally, add one more Caramel Magnolia to the right of the Ivory Rose and White Cabbage Rose to complete the top swath of flowers.

3. Attach the remaining three Caramel Magnolias among the Pampas Grass Branches as if they are cascading down from the top florals.

4. Attach the Luminara Branches all around the outside of the wreath on the left side. Make sure to add some in between and on top of the Pampas Grass Branches. Also attach a couple Luminara Branches at the top of the wreath flowing from the florals and following the curve of the wreath.

5. Attach the Eucalyptus Branches in the same manner as the Luminara Branches: evenly spaced all around the left side of the wreath, making sure to fill in any empty gaps.

6. Fluff and arrange your design as needed. Enjoy!

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