DIY Farmhouse Present Wrapping


Wrap your presents in farmhouse style this Christmas with this easy idea! All of the supplies can be found at your favorite craft store.


kraft paper

snowy chicken wire ribbon (found this 3" one at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas ribbon section)

2 springs of greenery, fresh or faux

1 cotton boll

white twine

shipping tape

craft glue gun

How To

1. Wrap your present with the kraft paper. I like to crinkle the paper first to give it more of that rustic feel.

2. Wrap a single layer of the chicken wire ribbon around the present, leaving ends to be secured on the bottom of the present. Secure with shipping tape or another strong tape. 

3. Tape the end of the twine to the back of the present and wrap the twine around the present and chicken wire 5 times. Criss cross it and angle it. Secure the last end to the back of the present.

4. Secure the two sprigs of greenery and cotton boll decoration on the top with a couple drops of hot glue. 

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