DIY Thanksgiving Wreath with Afloral

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath with Afloral

In the very beginning of my journey with flowers, I discovered Afloral and have been a customer ever since. I am thrilled to partner with them to bring you this easy Thanksgiving Floral Wreath using their fabulous floral supplies!
Season: Fall
Skill Level: Beginner
Size:  overall 22" with greenery with some accents extending further

14" Grapevine Wreath

Wire Cutters (for trimming materials)

High temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks (all materials in this project are attached using hot glue)

Trimmed Materials from Afloral

(all of these materials can be found on Afloral's website here)

1 Ficus Leaf Branch (3 branches - 20" long)

1 Terracotta Eucalyptus Spray (4 branches - 3" to 4" bloom)

1 Peach Open Peony (5" long stem)

1 Mauve Pink Cabbage Rose (5" long stem)

1 Earthy Brown Garden Rose (5" long stem)

2 Black-Eyed Susan Sprays (6 branches - 6" to 12" long)



1. The focal point of the wreath will be the bottom-left side. Give the Ficus Leaf Branches a little bend and attach to the Grapevine Wreath Base at the focal point, one branch flowing upwards and two flowing downwards. 

2. Add the Terracotta Eucalyptus Branches in between the Ficus Leaf Branches:  two on either side of the top Ficus Leaf Branch flowing upwards; one nestled between the bottom Ficus Leaf Branches; and one on the outside-left side of the bottom Ficus Leaf Branches, flowing downwards. 

3. Use the Peach Open Peony, Mauve Pink Cabbage Rose and Earthy Brown Garden Rose to create a trio of florals as the focal point. Attach the florals to form a cluster on the bottom-left of the Grapevine Wreath, centered on top of the attached greenery. 

4. Evenly space and attach the Black-Eyed Susan flowers amongst the greenery, three on top and three on the bottom.

5. Fluff and arrange your design as needed. Enjoy!

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