Gift Guide: Treat Yourself

Gift Guide: Treat Yourself


For the ladies that make a life of pouring into others - the moms, the nurses, the teachers, the caregivers - here are some gifts that these incredible women can use to treat themselves! 

No. 1 - Candle by Jackson Vaughn Collection 

Fresh and natural, these candles' unique scents linger in the house long after the candle is blown out. 

No. 2 - Naked2 Palette by Urban Decay 

A pretty palette for a pretty lady! An array of neutral colors that will be in her go-to makeup routine everyday, whether going out to work or out for a date.

No. 3 - Tea by Fortnum & Mason

This British company knows their teas. After all, they custom blended one for the Queen.

No. 4 - Wreath Post Earrings by Anthropologie

When she needs to add a quick a little sparkle to her outfit. 

No. 5 - Plush Blanket by Restoration Hardware

Seriously the warmest and softest blanket ever!

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