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Happy 2018! After a needed break following the (awesome) holiday season, the shop is open with some of my best products yet! 

My inspiration for this new round of collections is the freshness of a meadow: natural tones, wild greens, and lots of rugged texture. I love the serenity of wide open natural land, so I want to bring this feeling into our home decor. 

Wild Rose + Eucalyptus

With its leafy eucalyptus, rosemary, and vines, this collection is the epitome of wild. And it's topped with light rose blossoms contrasted with deep eggplant scabiosa. With it's muted tones, this collection can be used year-round. 

Delphinium + Eucalyptus

In contrast to the Wild Rose collection, the Delphinium is lighter and whimsical with its delicate smilax vines and soft blue blossoms. Perfect for spring and summer. I think this would be gorgeous for a baby shower.  

Cotton + Greenery

Everyone's favorite collection for that farmhouse feel got a bit of an update this time around with different greens - still accented with the cotton bolls too.

Old favorites get slight updates too.

The Just Greenery Garland and wall hangings have slight changes due to supply availability, but they are looking good too and ready for you for 2018! 

More to come!

Now, I have to admit, this is only a third of what I wanted to release now. I had a major setback over the holiday break with a cold bug that just wouldn't let go and demanded me to rest. I plan on releasing the other lovelies through the next few weeks! Happy shopping!

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