One Word Year and Why You Should Have One


2017 was the first year I did the "one word" for the year. As a feelings-oriented person, I felt more comfortable with this idea more than writing down scary specific goals I never even start on.
My word this year was brave.
As an introvert, I tend to shy away from putting myself out there. What this brave word meant for me was to reach out myself and initiate opportunity for me. A wise business nugget of truth I've come across is that, "you don't get what you don't ask for." And I hate asking for things when I'd rather figure it out and do it myself...or just let it come to me "providentially." Well, this train of thought wasn't working out too much, so the time came for me to step up. I tucked this word brave into my heart for 2017 and remembered it whenever I needed to reach out and make things happen for me.
As the end of the year now approaches, I am happy to say that year brave was a success. I had many business-shaping opportunities I am so thankful to have been a part of, all because I chose to be my kind of brave and put myself out there. 
Why this one word year thing worked for me, and why you should have one too:
1. It's easy to remember 1 word. Brave...done.
2. You define what the word means to you. This is where the general word becomes specific, so it's actually actionable for you. It can encapsulate as much or as little as you want.
3. There's more flexibility with the one word to change as the year goes on. They tell you to set SMART goals for yourself, but let's be honest: many of these goals end up totally off base or irrelevant to life half way through the year. Life continually shapes you, and a word is more living and breathing that can change as you move through life. 
4. It's great for making baby steps toward a larger goal. I love big goals, but I'm finding out that achieving them is done in baby steps.
Have you done a one word for the year? My word for 2018 is discipline, and more on that in January. 

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