Spooky Garden Halloween Decor Inspiration

Spooky Garden Halloween Decor Inspiration

I’ve never been a big Halloween person, but since I’ve started venturing more into creative projects, I find that I really enjoy sophisticated Halloween decorations! Halloween doesn’t have to be construction-cone orange and lollipop purple. 

I included a Halloween wreath tutorial called The Havenridge in my book Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths. This wreath design was inspired by the abandoned front yards of haunted houses you see in movies. Nature runs wild, and beauty somehow emerges in the dried up and twiggy natural elements. 

I styled The Havenridge wreath with other favorite spooky elements for some classy yet spooky inspiration. I don’t have a fireplace in my home, but an upcycled dresser I have in the living room works wonderfully for seasonal decor. 

The wreath is hung on the wall as the focal point. I wanted to do something artsy around the wreath to add list of interest, so I came up with a moon and foggy sky motif that I created out of painted tissue paper. I secured it to the wall using some sticky tack so it comes off easily. I cut out letters spelling “spooky” using a fabulous metallic damask paper that really levels up the whole look.

On top of the dresser, I started with a couple greenery bushes to serve as the foundation. You can never go wrong with adding greenery! Be sure to spread out the individual branches and give them a little bend for a more natural look. I tucked in a fun ceramic Jack-O-Lantern I scored at a local flea market and some adorable handmade ceramic ghosts. Too cute! 

The design needed a little something on the other side of the moon motif, so I created a little frame vignette that worked perfectly. These are vintage gold frames I’ve collected from estate sales over the years. Just pop out the glass to use! The final finishing touch is to add a splash of vibrant color with magenta cosmo blossoms for an unexpected surprise. 

I enjoyed creating this design! If you’d like to make your own Halloween wreath, my book Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths is available anywhere books are sold and will walk you through step-by-step with pictures and have a complete supply list. 


Wreath design: Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths by Stephanie Petrak 

Wreath supplies: Hobby Lobby

Spooky letters paper: Envelopments

Ceramic Jack-O-Lantern: flea market find

White ceramic ghosts: Mollie Jenkins Pottery

Gold frames: estate sale finds

I’ve rounded up some supply alternatives in my Amazon Storefront here! 


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