The real-life inspiration for the Cottage

Here is the real-life spot that is the inspiration for Lorraine’s Cottage. Tucked away on a hill in the English countryside of Bath is the cottage my family stayed in on a summer trip. Lush wildflowers grew in the garden bed. Chickens roamed the neighboring cottage's yard. Sunshine poured brightly through the clean blue sky.

The cottage overlooks this pond and magnificent stone bridge. See the cottage in the distance? Even swans gently glided along the pond - like right out of a fairy tale.

Yet, it was all so real. Something about standing in the quiet and surrounded by untouched natural beauty of this spot really struck me. It revitalized me like a breath of fresh air.

I took the memory of that spot across the ocean back home with me, so much so that my work has been inspired by it. I hope my work offers the same chance for you - to experience that revitalization by the quiet of natural beauty into your home, into your life.

And Lorraine - that’s my middle name. I think it’s pretty.

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