When a Bird Makes a Nest in Your Wreath

birds nest on wreath

Even the birds love #lorcottage wreaths! 

I had a Wild Rose Wreath up on my front door the end of May, and then one day I noticed a bird made a wreath on it. Momma Bird, a robin, worked quickly because I didn't even see the nest in progress!

In the past, I've had birds make a nest in the center circle of the wreath but never end up laying eggs. This time around, Momma Bird made the nest smack on the top of the wreath!

A few days later, I started to peek inside the nest to check for eggs, and lo and behold, I spotted 3 beautiful blue eggs. But you have to take a quick peek, because Momma Bird is not too far away and will start yelling at you! 

We don't use our front door too often, so Momma Bird was able to sit on the nest pretty much undisturbed. Anytime my husband and I opened the garage door or go for walk, she would fly off the nest to a nearby electric line attached to our house.

The only tricky part was to quickly get the mail out of the mail box right next to our front door. I was always nervous Momma Bird would come attack me since I was so close to the nest, but thankfully she didn't!

Two of the eggs hatched into tiny, fuzzy robin babies. The third egg may have had crack in it, sadly preventing the proper development of the baby inside. I would hang out in the front yard watching the nest and could see the babies popping their heads up out of the nest, mouths open for Momma Bird to come with food. 

Watching the babies grow so fast was fun! Soon, they looked more like birds rather than hatchlings. 

About 2 weeks after the babies hatched, they were large and starting to come out onto the nest more, so I knew it wouldn't be long before they would leave for the first time. My husband and I set out to take our walk one evening, and we saw one baby bird standing proudly on the nest for the first time. 

By the time we returned from our walk, the baby bird made it out of the nest into the big world! He hopped around our little porch and flapped his wings in an attempt to fly, but would get only a foot off the ground - not bad for just starting out! He even was so adventurous that he hopped into our garage under a car, and I had to shoo him out! I didn't see the second baby out and about, so maybe he was just a bit scared of the big world unlike his brother. 

The next morning, I spotted a baby bird in our front flower bed, hopping happily with Momma Bird nearby. And that was the last time I saw my little robin family!

From the nest built on my wreath to the birds leaving was about a month. I kind of missed them when they were gone, but I know they are enjoying the big trees and flying the skies! 


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  • Anne on

    Beautiful story, I’m waiting for my sparrow eggs to hatch on my front door wreath.

  • Bee Eastman on

    Funny thing is that I had a nest in the very same place, so hidden I never even knew they were building the nest. I wasn’t as fortunate ~ I came out one day for mail and found the 2 eggs cracked on the porch.

  • Carol on

    That story is adorable! Thanks for sharing and taking such
    good pictures to document.

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