Wreath Sizing 101

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I know it can be a mystery to gauge the size of decor without seeing it in your own space, so I will share some insights in choosing the right size wreath for you!

The wreaths in my shop are made on a 14" grapevine base, but the overall appearance size is up to 19" with greenery. I would say these are medium-sized wreaths...not large and not small. This size is good for:
  • regular doors on small homes
  • regular doors on medium homes
  • any-sized homes with a lot of decor on the porch
  • homes with double front doors with a wreath on each of them
I would go for a larger-sized wreath for:
  • larger doors
  • large homes
  • regular doors with window panels on either side
  • or if you like big wreaths
I am working on adding a larger size option made on an 18" base with an overall appearance size of up to 23". While I don't have this size listed in the shop just yet, I have the base wreaths in stock and would be happy to make my designs in this size. Just send me an email!

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