Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths by Stephanie Petrak

Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths

Make Faux Flowers Come Alive with Breathtaking, Natural Designs

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Published October 5, 2021



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 Create Gorgeous Wreaths at Home Using Artificial Botanicals 

DIY decor enthusiasts can make all of their floral dreams come true with Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths: Make Faux Flowers Come Alive with Breathtaking, Natural Design, a stunning collection of handmade wreath projects. Lorraine’s Cottage founder Stephanie Petrak will help readers build each striking, florist-quality wreath stem by stem. Between springtime buds, summer blooms, fall foliage and winter berries, there’s a whimsical wreath for every occasion.


Praise for Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths

Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths is a must-have guide for creatives who love working with flowers! Stephanie is a talented designer and her wreath-making techniques will help floral DIY-ers everywhere.”

―Stephanie LeBlanc, floral designer, blogger and creator of Celebrated Nest


“I can say, without a doubt, that Stephanie has changed the way I think about the art of wreath-making. With simple breakdowns and step-by-step guidance, Stephanie’s approach marries whimsy with tradition for designs that are accessible and enjoyable―which is a feat in and of itself!”
―Ashley Brooke Chambers, lifestyle and home décor blogger at Ashley Brooke Designs
author Stephanie Petrak
About the Author

Stephanie Petrak is a self-taught designer and is the founder of the shop Lorraine’s Cottage, where she sells her handcrafted faux floral wreaths and arrangements. Her work has been featured by Etsy, and she was a juried vendor at The Renegade Craft Fair in New York. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio.